Hotels and Accommodations

To get the quoted room rate, you must be registered for the Chile Harvest Triathlon.
Participants need to mention that they are taking part in the Triathlon to receive the room rate.
Hotel Address + Phone # Rate $ Misc.
Best Western Socorro
Hotels and Suites

(rates good till 07/26/17)
1100 California Street, Socorro NM

$83.99 + tax

5 minute walk from Triathlon start
Holiday Inn Express 1040 NE California Street, Socorro NM

$95 + tax

5 minute walk from Triathlon Start
Socorro Comfort Inn and Suites 1259 Frontage Road NW, Socorro NM
 $89 + tax 5 minute drive to the start of the Triathlon
Super 8
(rates good till 07/15/17)
1121 Frontage Road NW, Socorro NM
$54 for 1 bed + tax
$63 for 2 beds +tax
5 minute drive to start of the Triathlon

Race Timing

Chile Harvest Triathlon race timing

Race Day Photography

Chile Harvest Triathlon Photos by Derry Webb Photography